Monitoring system management

A monitoring system enables the monitoring of program activities through the selection of indicators. To manage this type of system, we need a well defined responsibility matrix in which the persons in charge of each piece of information and the frequency of their collection are specified. The management of a monitoring system should preferably be done by the program / project staff so that it is integrated into the administrative routines.
Thus, training is a crucial step to enable staff to familiarize themselves with the indicators to be used or, time allowing, participate in their construction. A monitoring system should incorporate evaluative modules, with periodic revisions of targets and the contracting of external evaluators for an impartial assessment. Such a system will close the cycle of evaluation, formulation, implementation and monitoring. Thus, prior to conceiving of the system as an information management interface, programme staff should have a vision of its usefulness for planning and implementation. The technical support for M&E system management involves in equal parts user capacity-building, indicator construction and IT systems development.