Avaliação dos Centros de Educação Infantil PROARES 2

Mixed-methods evaluation of IDB-supported day-care centers in Northeastern Brazil using ECERS scales, drawings and a quasi-experimental impact measurement model.

Plano Municipal dos Direitos de Crianças e Adolescentes de Rio Negrinho (SC)

Policy document on Children and Youth organized by a municipality in Southern Brazil based on a prospective evaluation made by Plan

Diagnóstico da Infância e da Adolescência de Jundiaí (SP)

This diagnostic research informs children & youth policy in a city of 350,000 inhabitants

Rede CUCA: impactos sociais e econômicos

Final evaluation of the network of Urban Centers for Culture, Art, Science and Sports, an IDB-supported youth programme in Northeastern Brazil.

Determinantes do atraso de pagamentos num conjunto habitacional popular

Analysis of factors that explain arrearage in payments in a public housing project in São Paulo.