Introdução ao Índice de Pobreza Multidimensional Paulista

A primer on the Multidimensional Poverty Index developed by Plan for the São Paulo State Government.

Subsídios para o entendimento da pobreza multidimensional e sua medição

Theoretical and methodological discussion that provided the background for the Multidimensional Poverty Index created for a subnational government in Brazil.

Orçamento por Resultados em São Paulo

This publication describes challenges in the implementation of Budgeting for Results, as well as the initative's origins, methodology, and potential to enhance program management.

Inferência de causalidade por análise qualitativa

This article explores causal inference methods developed to validate results chains and systematize monitoring and evaluation actions. Cases are drawn from a subnational government's intiative to implement results-based budgeting.

Os Objetivos do Milênio e a habitação popular

This article discusses the challenge of adapting urban development targets and indicators to local realities, based on Plan's experience of implementing a monitoring and evaluation system in São Paulo.

Nossa São Paulo: controle social do governo pelo monitoramento de políticas

A presentation of the Nossa São Paulo monitoring system, designed to increase mayors' accountability in the city.