Summative Evaluation of GPE Support to Zimbabwe

 The 2017 – 2020 Global Partnership for Education (GPE) support to Zimbabwe sought to enhance equitable access to quality education to all children in the country. The programme supported five components: (i) providing strong policy, legal and regulatory framework; (ii) implementing the new curriculum; (iii) equity and access in education; (iv) institutional strengthening and (v) programme support, management and monitoring.   

Evaluation of the Digital Bridges for Educational Equity Programme

The Digital Bridges programme, funded by the UNICEF Innovation Office, aims to expand digital education in Uruguay in an equitable manner, increasing the recruitment and use of platforms and other digital resources to promote inclusive and quality education for all. Report in Spanish.

Summative Evaluation of UNICEF 2015-2019 Education Programme in Angola

This evaluation examines, on one side, the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of UNICEF Angola interventions in the context of the development of the education sector and, on the other, the coherence, coverage and coordination of interventions in the emergency context.

Baseline study on CRAN catch-up education in Madagascar - Teaching at the Right Level

Prospective evaluation of the baseline situation of the CRAN programme based on the six DAC-OECD criteria: relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability (in French).