Evaluation and Enhancement of Social Policy in the State of São Paulo

Secretaria de Desenvolvimento Social do Estado de São Paulo

Implementation of the M&E System for identifying and prioritizing service provision to vulnerable families. The consultancy delivered a Multidimensional Poverty Index and a database management system [LEARN MORE]

Monitoring of a results-based budgeting programme

Secretaria de Planejamento e Gestão do Estado de São Paulo (SPG)

Pioneering initiative to implement a Results-Based Budget in a subnational government of 40M people and a GDP of USD 1.2 trillion. Plan led the development of results chains and monitoring indicators [LEARN MORE]

M&E system for the strategic development plan of the Santos Metropolitan Area

Agência Metropolitana da Baixada Santista

Development of an original IT system to monitor progress towards results of the Metropolitan Development Plan in the Santos basin, along with an evaluation cycle for periodically reviewing the plan [LEARN MORE]

Specialized technical services to perform primary data collection through household interviews with potential beneficiaries of the national program to support rainwater harvesting and other social technologies for access to water - Programa Cisternas

Ministério do Desenvolvimento Social

Household survey to evaluate the impact of a cistern distribution program in rural communities using treatment and control groups, including a listing exercise [LEARN MORE]

Data collection for RCT evaluation of the Gente de Valor programme


Survey research with treatment and control groups, interviews and focus groups for a project to support family farming managed by the Government of Bahia and supported by IFAD [LEARN MORE]

Services to Propose a Methodology for and Realization of the Evaluation of the More Equal Land ("Terra Mais Igual") Program.

Prefeitura de Vitória (ES)

Multi-method evaluation a programme targeted to precarious settlements in Vitória. "Terra" was among the first slum upgrade programmes worldwide to tackle urban poverty in a muldimensional fashion [LEARN MORE]

Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the Early Childhood Education Centers built with Proares - II resources

Governo do Estado do Ceará

Multi-method evaluation of the Child Education Centers (CEI) PROARES 2, an IDB-support programme to upgrade bulding and management standards of preschools in areas with poor academic achievement [LEARN MORE]

Economic and Impact Assessment of the Urban Centers for Culture, Art, Science and Sport (CUCA), in the municipality of Fortaleza

Prefeitura de Fortaleza (CE)

Economic and Impact Assessment of a network of community centers for low-income youths, involving a representative survey of treatment and control groups and a cost-benefit analysis [LEARN MORE]

Elaboration of the baseline study (ELB) of the communities targeted by the intervention of the Sustainable Development Project in the Semi-arid Region of Bahia - Pro-Semi-Arid

Governo do Estado da Bahia

Baseline study for an IFAD-sponsored programme to support agricultural value chains in the semi-arid region of Bahia, in which Plan applied 2.512 standardized questionnaires in 388 rural communities [LEARN MORE]

Data collection for the impact evaluation of the PAPAFPA and PAPAC programmes


Multi-method research for the impact assessment of an International Fund for Agricultural Development programme to increase cocoa, pepper and coffee production in São Tomé and Príncipe [LEARN MORE]

Final Evaluation of the Sustainable Rural Development Project - Microbacias II

Secretaria do Meio Ambiente do Estado de São Paulo

Final evaluation of a World Bank-supported project promoting sustainable rural development. Results were discussed in workshops with 40 stakeholders and programme staff. [LEARN MORE]

Causes of Pasture Conversion in Areas of Mechanized Agriculture in Northern Brazil

University of California, Berkeley Energy Biosciences Institute

Collection of quantitative data for the production of a database on the economic determinants of the conversion of pastures to crops in savannah and forest areas of Northern Brazil [LEARN MORE]

Provision of consulting services to register assets and actions that make up the Brazilian tangible and intangible assets in an Integrated Knowledge and Management System.

Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico Artístico e Nacional - IPHAN

Historical, Anthropological and Iconographic Research for the National Heritage Registry, including data entry and quality checks in a database of 1.610 protected entries. [LEARN MORE]

Evaluation Plan for the Partnership for the Conservation of the Brazilian Amazon

DevTech Systems Inc

Design of an evaluation plan, including data collection, for a partnership between USAID, the Brazilian government and civil society that aimed to support conservation initiatives in the Amazon [LEARN MORE]

Anthropological study in the intervention area of ??the Lagoas do Norte Program - Stage II

Prefeitura de Teresina (PI)

Anthropological study of the cultural practices and heritage in the area Lagoas do Norte Program, a housing and WASH programme sponsored by the World Bank in low-income neighborhoods [LEARN MORE]

Impact Evaluation of the International Technical Cooperation Project: "Support to the Development of the Cotton Sector of the C-4 Countries (Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso and Chad) - Cotton-4 Project".

Agência Brasileira de Cooperação

Final evaluation of the largest Brazilian project of technical cooperation to date. This innovative work evaluated principles of South-South cooperation: horizontality, ownership and mutual benefits. [LEARN MORE]

Social characterization (relationship and local development) of the units of Votorantim Cimentos

Votorantim Cimentos

Sociodemographic profile, mapping of local institutions and identification of networks of potential partners in communities impacted by the operations of a cement company [LEARN MORE]

Data collection for the evaluation of projects around cotton production supported by the C&A Institute and Porticus in Northeast region of Brazil

Instituto C&A

Mixed-methods evaluation of the results obtained by family farmers of organic cotton. Plan administered questionnaires to treatment and control groups (785) and interviewed partner NGOs on-site. [LEARN MORE]

Sustainable Rural Development Project - Bahia Produtiva

Governo do Estado da Bahia

Mid Term Evaluation of the Sustainable Rural Development Project of Bahia, a World Bank-supported initiative to strengthen value chains anchored in family agriculture, partly based on field visits. [LEARN MORE]

Regional assessment of studies and research already carried out and to be carried out within the scope of areas covered by the Center for Studies of Coexistence with the Semiarid and associated thematic researches.

Fundação de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento do Ensino Superior do Norte de Minas - FADENOR

Design and implementation of a database for the Center for Semi-Arid Studies at the State University of Montes Claros with publications on water resources, the environment and social technologies [LEARN MORE]

Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the pilot MEND and RISE Cash Transfer Programmes in Saint Kitts and Nevis


Multi-method evaluation of two pilot cash transfer programmes targeting indigent and poor households in St. Kitts and Nevis. Plan received UNICEF's highest rating for quality for this evaluation. [LEARN MORE]

Scorecard of social risks and opportunities in the vicinty of industrial operations

Votorantim Cimentos

Mapping of risk levels and indication of opportunity for social investment by a cement company with mining and industrial operations [LEARN MORE]

Mid-term evaluation of the Water for Brazil Programme


Formative midterm evaluation of the Água Brasil Initiative, a water resource management programme that supported innovative conservation initiatives, led by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). [LEARN MORE]

Registration and re-registration of social programmes, revision and update of the register of families in the Municipality of Mogi das Cruzes.

Prefeitura de Mogi das Cruzes (SP)

Registration and eligibility checks of 4.017 families claiming social protection benefits and visits to 756 additional households using prioritization criteria from demographic data [LEARN MORE]

Evaluation of the Youth Aware Project in Fortaleza (CE) and Porto Alegre (RS)


Fieldwork-based evaluation of an innovative UNICEF program to expand testing of sexually transmitted diseases among at-risk youth and to raise their awareness regarding risky behaviors [LEARN MORE]

Social license to operate for mining and industrial operations

CMOC International

Stakeholder mapping and risk analysis to evaluate opportunities for social investment by a multinational corporation in two phosphate mining operations and a fertilizer plant in Brazil [LEARN MORE]

SROI (Social Return on Investment) evaluation of the Healthy Food in the Industry project, implemented at Jaepel Paper Industry, between August and December 2016.

SESI – Goiás

Impact and social return on investment evaluation of a programme that taught healthy food preparation techniques and eating habits to industry workers in the state of Goiás, Brazil [LEARN MORE]

Final evaluation of a football-based youth empowerement project

Fundació FC Barcelona

This inspiring project by the Barça Foundation uses sports as a tool to prevent youth violence in a community of Rio de Janeiro where battles are waged between drug-trafficking gangs [LEARN MORE]

Post-Urbanization Evaluation Research


Post-urbanization evaluation of the Jardim São Francisco neighborhood in São Paulo. Results achieved in this slum upgrade and resettlement project were evaluated by means of focus groups and a survey. [LEARN MORE]

Research services in the field of public health to identify a more effective approach to population mobilization in the fight against Aedes aegypti


Assessment of the communication strategy for dengue, chikungunya and zika prevention measures. Audience reception of different messages was studied by means of focus group simulations [LEARN MORE]

Development of a Monitoring System for projects funded by the Brazilian Cotton Institute

Instituto Brasileiro do Algodão

Development of a monitoring system for past and future projects launched with funding from the Brazilian Cotton Institute (IBA) with funds from the USA-Brazil WTO dispute settlement [LEARN MORE]

Social assessment of the situation of children and adolescents in the municipality of Lençóis Paulista

Prefeitura Municipal de Lençóis Paulista (SP)

Assessment of the living conditions of children and youth combined with an interactive web map and an indicator dashboard with social and policy statistics for a city of 70.000 inhabitants [LEARN MORE]

Sealing services, photographic registration, and survey to register sociodemographic information on families and for the characterization of buildings, including setting up a database in the municipality of Bernardo do Campo - SP.


Household data collection with families living in precarious conditions in an urban periphery. A total of 1.133 families were surveyed, yielding social and economic information about 3.150 people [LEARN MORE]

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Learning Language Project

Laboratório de Educação

Technical support to the monitoring and evaluation of the Learning Language Project, a language acquisition stimulation solution for public school students sponsored by LabEdu and Harvard University [LEARN MORE]

Evaluation of Conecta Bibliotecas, a programme in support of public libraries


Impact evaluation of a project using public libraries to foster social change, by attracting new visitors and training library personnel to become agents of change [LEARN MORE]

Authoring and publication of a paper about the social impact of business


Preparation of a guide to managing the social impact of private companies for the Brazilian chapter of WBCSD - World Business Council for Sustainable Development. [LEARN MORE]

Developmental evaluation of the Voices of Fashion 2030 project

Instituto C&A

Real-time evaluation of the implementation of a project aimed at mobilizing workers, businesses and government to improve working conditions in the garment sector in Pernambuco [LEARN MORE]

Evaluation of the DreamShaper educational software platform in universities and elementary and middle schools


Evaluation of the use of the Dream Shaper entrepreneurship platform in primary, secondary schools and universities using a social return on investment approach [LEARN MORE]

Final Evaluation of the Eastern Ecological Axis Program and Structuring of the Environmental Parks Network - Green Line

Prefeitura de Joinville

The Green Line Program created and revitalized public spaces in Joinville over 10 years. This final evaluation was based on a user-perception survey and on extended interviews with stakeholders [LEARN MORE]

Impact evaluation of the Caring Families project

Plan International

Impact assessment of the Caring Families Project, supported by Nivea cosmetics, to stimulate children in early childhood. The evaluation was based on survey and face-to-face interviews [LEARN MORE]

M&E plan for the Young Collective programme

Instituto Coca-Cola Brasil

Revision of the indicators used by the Institute for the M&E of one of its programmes. The new research instruments were tested and a manual was written for the analysis of the collected data. [LEARN MORE]

Elaboration of a Assessment on the situation of the children and adolescents of Jundiaí and elaboration of the following Decennial Plans: a) Decennial Municipal Plan of Human Rights of Children and Adolescents; b) Municipal Social Assistance Plan.

Prefeitura de Jundiaí (SP)

Diagnosis on the situation of children and adolescents in a large municipality (354.000 inhab.) including a 10-year policy plan for human rights and a plan for the re-education of underage offenders [LEARN MORE]

Evaluation of public housing policy in São Paulo

Diagonal Transformação de Territórios

Impact evalution of public housing projects in the Southern Hemisphere's largest metropolis, including survey research design and data collection [LEARN MORE]

Baseline evaluation of the Happy Childhood project

Plan International

Baseline evaluation of an early childhood programme working with families, childcare givers and social sector professionals to help stimulate children's social and emotional development [LEARN MORE]

Social and economic assessment of 7 municipalities in which the company operates.

Nidera Sementes

Prospective study for an agribusiness corporation intent on boosting social investment in Western Brazil. The evaluation was based on stakeholder mapping, interviews and database research [LEARN MORE]

External Evaluation of the "Youth Collective" and "Recycling Collective" Program

Instituto Coca-Cola Brasil

Midterm evaluation of a Coca-Cola social programme offering skills development for disadvantaged youth (Young Collective) and income generation in solid waste recycling (Collective Recycling) [LEARN MORE]

Sealing services, photographic registration, and survey to register sociodemographic information on families and for the characterization of buildings, including setting up a database in the municipality of Santo André - SP.

JHE Engenharia

Mapping and identification of buildings along with family registration in the urban periphery of Santo André (Brazil) to lay the groundwork for a slum upgrade project [LEARN MORE]

Final Evaluation of the Healthy Youth Program

Plan International

Mixed-methods evaluation of the results and impact achieved by a health education program for vulnerable youth in one of the poorest regions in Latin America, including data collection [LEARN MORE]

Structuring of the Decennial Plan for the Human Rights of Children and Adolescents of the Municipality of Tubarão, year 2016/2026

Prefeitura de Tubarão (SC)

Technical assistance in the preparation of the Ten Year Plan for the Human Rights of Children and Youth in a medium-sized municipality (102.000 inhab.), including a situational analysis [LEARN MORE]

Baseline for the second phase of the "Tourism and Child Protection Project"

Plan International

Baseline for a child exploitation prevention project in the tourism economy, done in partnership with stakeholders, so as to devise a model for the project (prospective evaluation) [LEARN MORE]

Prospective study for the evidence-based eradication of child labor

Prefeitura de Nova Friburgo (RJ)

In-depth study of cases of child labor in a city of 115.000 inhabitants based on primary data collection and archival research, followed by a report with policy recommendations and a web dashboard [LEARN MORE]

External Evaluation of the "Clean Games Inside and Outside the Stadiums" project

Instituto Ethos

Project supported by the Siemens Integrity Initiative and the World Bank bringing companies, government and society to raise compliance standards in the build-up to two major sporting events [LEARN MORE]

Final Evaluation of the Women's Football Program

Plan International

Fieldwork-based evaluation of a programme that sought to undo gender roles attached to the practice of football by involving disadvantaged girls in sports and educational activities. [LEARN MORE]

Conception and coordination of the implementation of a Monitoring and Evaluation System of project and programs in the Superintendency of Popular Housing.

Secretaria Municipal de Habitação de São Paulo

Development of monitoring and evaluation tools for social work and slum urbanization programs, tenement upgrades, land title registration and retrofit of housing estates [LEARN MORE]

Baseline evaluation of the Caring Families Project

Plan International

Ex-ante evaluation (including baseline survey) of a project aimed at educating families to stimulate young children appropriately, through play and non-violent communication [LEARN MORE]

Social assessment of the conditions of children and teenagers in the municipality of Araxá

Prefeitura de Araxá (MG)

This diagnostic study about the situation children and youth for a medium-sized city established guidelines for the development of intersectoral policies targeted to this public in the next 10 years [LEARN MORE]

Support to the environmental monitoring of the Rio Negro area in the Amazon Basin

Instituto Socioambiental

Data collection supervision for the Programme for Climate and Environment Monitoring in the Amazon region, whereby indigenous peoples report on environmental changes via ODK-enabled tablets [LEARN MORE]

Evaluation of the Classroom Management Toolkit

Fundaçao Lemann

Perception-based evaluation of the Classroom Management Tool, a mixed online/in-class course for school managers based on classroom observation techniques and teacher feedback strategies [LEARN MORE]

Final evaluation of the EU-supported Bo Bin Sibi civil society strengthening project


Evaluation of a project to strengthen civil society for the social control of public policies and the empowerment of vulnerable populations in Guinea Bissau, supported by the European Commission [LEARN MORE]

Evaluation of the Gatópolis Application, which seeks to support the literacy process of children between 5 and 7 years of age.

Fundaçao Lemann

Evaluation of the classroom use of a tablet-based educational software developed by the Lemman Foundation to aid teachers in the literacy acquisition process of public school children aged 5 to 7 [LEARN MORE]

Development of M&E indicators for assessing performance of social work in slum upgrades

Diagonal Transformação de Territórios

Tools for evaluating the performance of social work performed by a government contractor in the public housing sector [LEARN MORE]

Social assessment in the urban and rural areas of the Poços de Caldas municipality

Prefeitura de Poços de Caldas (MG)

Design of software for a social map of a medium-sized city (151.000 inhab.) with indicators of education, housing, health services and public safety to aid targeted policy planning [LEARN MORE]

State-level Survey on Competitive Environment - International Orders


Survey with businesses about their patterns of usage of parcel delivery services, based on telephone interviews with 546 companies with foreign trade operations [LEARN MORE]

Evaluation of the Healthy Youth Project

Plan International

Baseline study of the Healthy Teen Project in the city of São Paulo, an initiative to promote preventive health among low-income adolescents in urban peripheries sponsored by AstraZeneca [LEARN MORE]

Research on the attitudes and expectations of veterinary practitioners regarding their profession


Survey of veterinary practiotioners in Southern Brazil deseigned to improve services offered by the local union and to support their advocacy work [LEARN MORE]

Size and location of the target population for turbostoves in Brazil

Soter AG

Feasibility study in rural area for implementation of a new technology for reducing gas emissions from wood-burning stoves. Plan Evaluation identified communities with greatest adoption potential [LEARN MORE]

Perception-based evaluation of the Learning Management Platform

Fundaçao Lemann

Evaluation of the use of the Learning Management tool, a course developed by the Lemann Foundation to assist principals and coordinators in improving learning conditions in public schools [LEARN MORE]

Application of 1,100 questionnaires applied in urban and rural areas.

Prefeitura de Cerejeiras (RO)

Monitoring of the "Bolsa Família" Conditional Cash Transfer Programme in Cerejeiras to verify eligiblity requirements. Families were surveyed by means of household visits. [LEARN MORE]

Facilitation of local development workshops

Votorantim Cimentos

Application of the company's local development guidelines through stakeholder workshops. The experiment was then used to improve evaluation methods. [LEARN MORE]

Advice on monitoring and evaluation for the PROSAMIM III project

Herkjacktech Tecnologia e Engenharia Ltda.

Consultancy for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Resettlement and Community Participation Plan of the Social and Environmental Program for the Igarapés of Manaus - Prosamim III [LEARN MORE]

Systematisation of the performance of the Criminal Justice System

Rede Justiça Criminal

Systematization of the experience of the Criminal Justice Network. The Network is an umbrella organization for NGOs advocating for humans rights and better criminal justice [LEARN MORE]

Final Evaluation of the "Inclusive and strengthened Sisal territory against poverty" project

Humana Brasil

Plan evaluated this project financed by the European Union in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability, in accordance with the OECD DAC evaluation criteria. [LEARN MORE]

Situational analysis of the living conditions of children and teenagers in Rio Negrinho

Prefeitura de Rio Negrinho (SC)

Prospective study recommending policy priorities for children and youth in 5 areas: health, education, culture, sports and leisure; family and community ties; freedom; and professional training [LEARN MORE]

Final Evaluation of the Project "Don't turn a blind eye: all together against the prostitution of children and adolescents"


On the border between France and Brasil, Plan evaluated an EU-supported project to prevent youth prostitution and human trafficking. The research was based on interviews and a survey. [LEARN MORE]

Mapping critical social issues

Ipiranga Produtos de Petróleo S.A.

Identification of critical social issues in the area of fuel storage and distribution, including the identification of good practices and recommendation of impact assessment tools [LEARN MORE]

Consulting services for technical support to the PGTAs Survey of Indigenous Communities of Upper and Middle Rio Negro

Instituto Socioambiental

ISA trusted Plan for data processing and quality checks in a survey carried out by indigenous people from the Amazon Rio Negro region, who interviewed 3.544 families spread over 11.5 million hectares [LEARN MORE]

Household visits for the re-registration of beneficiaries to the Bolsa Família Programme

Prefeitura de Palmeira das Missões (RS)

Monitoring of the Bolsa Família cash transfer programme to verify eligbility requirements in a municipality in southern Brazil [LEARN MORE]

Evaluation of the advocacy for arms control carried out by the Sou da Paz Institute within the UN.

Instituto Sou da Paz

Evaluation of the work of an advocacy NGO acting as an umbrella organization for civil society within the UN during the negotiations that led to the approval of the Arms Trade Treaty, [LEARN MORE]

Research and Social Assessment - District of Jaraguá (SP)

Voith Hydro

Survey of the sociodemographic profile of the district of Jaraguá, São Paulo, for a heavy industry corporation, to provide evidence in support of their social investment [LEARN MORE]

Evaluation of fundraising tools for an NGO provding shelter services to children

SOS Aldeias Infantis Brasil

Development of performance indicators and evaluation procedures for gauging the efficacy of SOS Children's Villages' fundraising efforts [LEARN MORE]

Logical Framework for the Solutions for Cities Programme

Associação Brasileira de Cimento Portland

Solutions for Cities was a programmes that aimed to support local governments in putting together policy plans for housing, WASH and mobility in an integrated fashion [LEARN MORE]

Final evaluation of the Decentralised Program for Food Security

Instituto Marquês de Valle Flôr

This programme supported quality food production and distribution in the African island-nation of São Tomé. It was evaluated in partnership with NGOs and financed by the Portuguese Cooperation Agency [LEARN MORE]

Final Evaluation of WITNESS Forced Evictions Campaign

WITNESS Video for Change

Final evaluation of a campaign to document cases of forced evictions in areas that were to receive infra-structure for sports events such as the World Cup and the Olympics [LEARN MORE]